We found love

When it’s raining, all I can think of is you. 
Bombs raining down from the never ending sky like yellow diamonds in the light.
From the window we’re standing side by side.
The moon stands high and shine on us.
Your shadow crosses mine as you take my hand.
The war keeps waging on.

What does it take to come alive?

The door burst open, they have come for you.
I love you.
The way I’m feeling that I just can’t deny.
You say to me that you love me.
Forever and always.
But I’ve got to let you go.

Love and life I will divide.
But I have to turn away,
because I need you more as I feel your heartbeat in my mind.

We found love in a hopeless place.

We found love av Rihanna,
så galet vacker låt.

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after all this time? always.