"And by and by Christopher Robin came to an end of things, and he was silent, and he sat there, looking out over the world, just wishing it wouldn't stop"

snart, så snart,
ska jag se den här filmen alla pratar om

The mass murder has captured twelve people.
He/she has tortured them until they didn’t have any strength left to scream in pain.
They have been beaten bloody and their teeth shattered in different directions.
After, the mass murder drilled holes in their palms and feet.

One of the twelve people is a little girl of eleven years old.
She has suffered from a very heave rape by the mass murder.
Her genital is badly hurt and it is unclear if it will ever function properly in the future.

Last, the mass murder hang the little girl in the ceiling in her tiny legs, up side down.
The mass murder binds her arms so they lies tight against her body.
She screams, but the mass murder screams at her to shut up and tape her mouth.
She can’t scream anymore. Her hair loosely hangs down.
She can’t cry, she is so tired.
She just want to go home to her mommy daddy.

The mass murder does the same with the other eleven people.
They are all hanging in a row.
The ceiling they are hanging from is high up.
It is at least ten feet down to the ground.
They are all brutally tortured and they know they are going to die.

The mass murder cleans up after himself/herself, and leave them there.

friheten att skriva skoluppsatser...

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after all this time? always.